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Gold Cube Value Proposition

Value Proposition

In 2015, U.S sales of gold and silver jewelry were 78.8 Billion dollars. Pawnshops alone accounted for 9.6 Billion dollars (50% of all sales). However, may are reluctant to sell their old watch or jewelry for fear of not receiving a reasonable offer for their items, unless absolutely necessary.

The GoldCube is in a unique position to capture this untapped audience and a significant market share of those who are looking to recycle their unwanted jewelry or coin for instant cash.

The Company believes the deployment of the GoldCube ATM kiosks will have a competitive advantage over pawnshops and jewelers in the buying of jewelry, coin and precious metals because of:

  • lower company overhead (no storefront)
  • lower personnel costs (minimal payroll)
  • fewer assay calculation errors
  • elimination of employee theft

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