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The World Value

Gold: It’s Worth Its Weight.

Throughout most of history, gold’s value has remained common knowledge to most people. For thousands of years it’s story has woven into civilizations around the world and still plays a huge part in our culture today. We see gold everywhere. It can be present in the world’s most rare and precious historical artifacts as well as in your favorite pair of earrings. Today, we can choose to take our gold belongings and trade them for a more conventional currency, cash. The question is, with such a huge global market for this precious metal, how do you begin to understand your trade’s value?

A brief search of the stock exchange can give you a glimpse of how much gold, silver, and platinum can be worth. However, it isn’t always that simple. Gold, like other precious metals, is measured by troy weight, karats, and by grams. All of this collective information is necessary to provide you with a correct and accurate value for your items. Troy weight is the system of units used for measuring the weight and therefore the value of precious metals. The gold’s karat tells us how many parts of gold and how many parts of other metals are present in a particular piece. Pure gold is designated as 24 karat.

With all of this information it can be difficult to know that you are getting the best value for your trade when you go to sell it. That is where the GoldCube comes in to play. The GoldCube machine measures the troy weight and determine the karat purity. It uses a combination of complex APIs to review the world market precious metal pricing every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day.


The GoldCube constantly monitors the market pricing in the United States, Europe, and China in order to give customers the precise real-time value of their gold or silver jewelry.

The GoldCube will then make you a cash offer on the spot for your items. There is no need to leave your precious items or to mail them away for any amount of time as with other gold buyers. The state of the art monitoring system that GoldCube uses, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you are getting a fair and accurate value for your trade, should you accept the offer. If for any reason you decide not to accept the instant cash offer, all of your items will be immediately returned to you by the machine.