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The Software

How the Kiosk Thinks

Our proprietary software uses the world market price, allowing pricing intelligence that surpasses that of traditional pawnshop and jewelry, to ensure customers always receive maximum payout for their unwanted jewelry or precious metals. The GoldCube software reduces mistakes and ensures consistency across all kiosks. Automated law enforcement second-hand dealer forms, paperless invoicing , merchandise photos capture, digital fingerprints, electronic signatures and ID scan with ease.

The GoldCube software integrated reporting allows the managing of profits and the studying and comparing of trends over time, by location, by country, by customer and by product type. It also monitors and audits each GoldCube activity and transactions in real-time. are allows the GoldCube to internally track all assets, cash, locations and inventory and analyze key performance and financial indicators, is what the GoldCube customer software does best.

Since the machine ONLY looks at the purity of the item and the weight, a volume-based devaluation algorithm is used to determine the exact amount of real gold or silver in an item. The software AI learns with every transaction, allowing the GoldCube to accurately track:

    • total time a customer spent on the machine
    • accepted offers vs rejected offers
    • successful transaction vs failed transactions
    • reason for the failed transactions

Tracking these metrics and much more, allows Distribution to market the GoldCube kiosks to prime locations.

“I just want to talk to a REAL person!”

We all felt that way at one point that’s why the GoldCube added in it’s newest feature. Introducing the Live Teller Agent.

GoldCube Live Teller Agent

GoldCube Live Agent

Having a live teller agent allows for real-time customer service. The live teller agent is able to see the customer, their jewelry, and their entire transaction while using the machine. Any questions or concerns the customer might have about selling their jewelry could be answered immediately by the agent. Also, the live teller agent can assist the customer if any functionality problems occur while they are using the machine.

The GoldCube user interface (UI) is extremely user friendly in terms of “how” to sell a piece of jewelry in the machine. However there will always be customers who will need help throughout the process. The live agent feature dramatically increases the Conversion Rate, as the chances of “missing” a sale due to customers simply not knowing how to use the machine is great diminished.

The GoldCube Live Agent is proprietary, and was developed using WebRTC. Using peer 2 peer audio and video streaming we can deliver 420p quality video assistance to any customer that might find themselves with questions that need answering about the process of selling their precious materials. This helps to guarantee that all customers that visit our kiosk have the added comfort of knowing someone is there to help them in their time of need.