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The Product

The World’s First Gold Trading Kiosk

With gold’s importance in value to the world we live in. The testing and trading to this precious metal was bound to evolve. Going into this venture our vision was to make people feel comfortable using our automated kiosk. The color scheme, the animations, even the transition between steps were designed specifically to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.GoldCube Kiosk

The Gold Cube kiosk is a beautiful blend of complex software and integrate robotics in a sophisticated package that makes it a one of a kind achievement. It’s almost impossible to describe the range of gold and silver the kiosk can test. Our carefully crafted User Interface makes even the daunting task of a multi item sales easy. Advances in every technology has allowed the Gold Cube to be the first to automate this process. The kiosk can access almost any product presented with a high degree of accuracy.

We knew what the standard banking ATM experience was and we made it better. Email receipts allow the user the ability to quickly get a copy of their transaction. While affording the ability to retrieve at a later date. Receiving automated cash has never been easier. GoldCube is the first of it’s kind making precious metal automated testing now a reality.