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The GoldCube For a technology company like the Gold Cube, our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets we have. Our precious metal buying invention and method, are a culmination of many years of innovation, experimentation and hard work made possible through significant financial investment and technological advances in X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry.

The lengths we go to protect our intellectual property ensure that we will be able to deliver valuable, transformative customer solutions around the world for years to come.

Gold and Precious Metal Buying Machine and Method  – US 9,070,148 B2
A housing with a vault is linked to a central office for tracking buy/no-buy sales events and uploading current exchange rate data. The item is placed on a platform leading to processing stations which weigh, image, assay and convey the item to the vault (buy) or return-route (no-buy). User display commands and offers-to-buy, capture user images, scan identity and bio-metric data and permit user-keyed input.

Gold and Precious Metal Buying Machine and Method – US 9,195,979 B2
The gold and precious metal buying machine and method has a housing, a vault and inboard processing stations for: weighing, detecting constituent elements with x-rays and measuring volume based upon gas or fluid displacement.  Our patent is broad and covers ANY type of spectrometric analysis of precious metals (namely gold or silver) using an x-ray and/or volume analysis in unison.