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We at the GoldCube are always looking at ways to improve our collaboration with law enforcement and identify opportunities to enhance our processes and technology. Read what officers and news sources are saying about how we’ve made a difference while partnering with police, legislators, and technology leaders to improve gold, silver and precious metal safety and combat jewelry theft.

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A Model Partnership Between Law Enforcement and GoldCube Brings Thieves To Justice From our headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, GoldCube staff view an image in real time of a suspicious individual at one of our kiosks. The person in question attempts to cash in on a gold or silver; immediately, GoldCube staff contact the Police Department, attaching the image of the individual. The suspect is later arrested for trafficking in stolen goods.
Throughout the country — in cities like Melbourne and Palm Bay, Rockledge and Cocoa Beach, and Brevard County, Florida — the story is the same: Police, working in partnership with GoldCube, are able to identify and apprehend these criminals.