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Kiosk Security

The GoldCube® kiosks were designed to be easy and efficient for use by consumers, but behind the scenes is state-of-the-art technology that includes advanced machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the kiosk is composed of extensive security features and processes to deter the sale of any stolen gold or silver jewelry and assist law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting suspected jewelry thieves.

Learn more about our many security initiatives and law enforcement assistance tools and processes below:

It’s often thought that GoldCube kiosks operate completely on their own, but no transaction can be completed without the approval of a live agent to verify every transaction. Using the three-high resolution webcams on the kiosk, GoldCube employees located in the company’s headquarters monitor and approve every transaction in real-time.

See our Video Teller Agent Dashboard below.

Live Validation Steps:

GoldCube kiosks use AssureTec ID technology to electronically verify that an ID is legitimate. AssureTec’s high-resolution scanners can spot the telltale signs of a counterfeit ID invisible to the naked eye. After the AssureTec ID electronically verifies the government issued ID for authenticity by examining the ID for holograms, watermarks, or other specific identification methods, the customer is permitted to proceed. However, this does not yet mean the customer has been approved to complete a transaction.

  1. While the ID is being verified for authenticity, the machine scans and captures photos of the ID. Using the kiosk’s built-in webcams, the remote attendant compares the photo ID with the user’s face in real-time to confirm their identity.
  2. The remote attendant also verifies that the ID hasn’t expired and that the customer is over 18 years of age.

A transaction will be denied by the attendant if:

  • The seller is under the age of 18.
  • The ID is expired.
  • The photo on the ID does not match the seller’s captured photograph.

If we cannot get at least one clear, front-on photo of the customer using the machine, the attendant will deny the customer with custom messaging through the kiosk interface.

Ability for police to open kiosk

Law enforcement personnel who need access to a device inside the kiosk can simply call GoldCube and we can open the door at any time. Once an officer’s ID and law enforcement credentials have been validated, a Gold Cube specialist will open the side door and will secure item you are looking for.

Return of reported stolen items

Gold Cube will respond quickly and diligently to any request from law enforcement to research and/or return reported stolen jewelry items that may have been collected by the kiosk.

Any reported stolen items will be returned with no subpoena or search warrant required and at no cost to the victim.

30-day inventory hold

GoldCube holds all inventory collected for a minimum of 30 days. We will hold inventory for longer if required. Once the hold period has passed, we ship the items to our our headquarters in Indialantic, Florida.

“Do Not Buy” List

Gold Cube works with law enforcement to implement a “do not buy” list, which bans individuals from utilizing an GoldCube® kiosk. Additionally, if an individual is identified by law enforcement as having sold a stolen item at an Gold Cube kiosk, we electronically “ban” that individual from conducting further transactions at all Gold Cube kiosks worldwide.

No warrants or subpoenas

We do not require a search warrant or subpoena, and we will provide any item(s) and associated records to law enforcement in our possession upon request.

If any officer has an investigative interest in a gold or silver item that is currently deposited in one of our kiosks, they may simply visit the kiosk, call us and present their credentials to the kiosk camera, and we will immediately dispatch a Gold Cube specialist to open the kiosk to allow the officer to recover any item.

Jewelry Flagging

If you call or email our Regulatory Affairs Department, we can check any piece of gold or silver jewelry in our system to determine if a specific piece(s) was received by Gold Cube.

If the piece of jewelry in question has not been received by the Gold Cube, we can create an automated flag which will alert us and enable us to alert you if the item is at a Gold Cube kiosk.

Second Hand Dealer Laws

The GoldCube offers an open book policy to all law enforcement that can use the information we have to assist in an investigation.
We can report in any method preferred, including mail, fax, email, BWI’s Rapid, NEWPRS or other reporting mechanisms.
We’re happy to do the searching for you. Just call your state’s Regulatory Affairs representative and they’ll get started.

  • Full transparency
  • We’ll report in whatever method preferred
  • Easy access to photos, serial numbers, and other information about sellers

LeadsOnline Partnership

We recently created a new partnership with LeadsOnline that will offer all officers access to the Goldcube kiosk transaction reports on LeadsOnline free of cost.
LeadsOnline is a nationwide web-based investigative system that law enforcement can use to access, print and search their local  transactions easily and quickly.