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Gold Cube Software

GoldCube Software

Gold and silver are at all-time high prices and consumers need cash. There’s a lot of money to be made, but mistakes or an inefficient process can cut deeply into profits. The GoldCube is powered by a propriety software application for scaling, applying payout policies consistently, and ensuring every kiosk location is operating 100% efficiently.

Our unique new software is a complete tool to speed-up, control and manage the point of sale of each GoldCube gold buying ATM kiosk. It provides operational controls, quick retail transactions, monitoring and management capabilities needed for large, multi-store businesses.

Our software automatically uses the world market price, allowing pricing intelligence that surpasses that of traditional pawnshop and jeweler, to ensure customers always receive maximum payout for their unwanted jewelry or precious metals. The GoldCube software reduces mistakes and ensures consistency across all kiosks. Automated law enforcement second-hand dealer forms, paperless invoicing , merchandise photos capture, digital fingerprints, electronic signatures and ID scan with ease. Use the integrated reporting to manage profits, study and compare trends over time, by location, by country, by customer and product type. Monitoring and auditing each GoldCube activity and transactions in real-time to prevent. Track your assets, cash, locations and inventory. Analyze key performance and financial indicators.

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