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It is a fast, safe and convenient way to trade your unwanted jewelry for instant cash!

The GoldCube accepts Gold and Silver.

The machine uses parameters such as karat weight and world market price to determine the value.

No, the machine’s algorithm tests all pieces without altering or damaging the items.

No, after testing each item, you will be given an offer. If accepted, the machine will store the item and payout. If the offer is rejected, then the item will be returned.

The machine issues cash immediately once the offer is accepted and the transaction is complete.

YOU MUST BE 18 years of age, have a government issued I.D., scan your fingerprint, sign your name and allow the machine to capture an image of your face.

Yes,we pawn jewelry.

No, The GoldCube only pays for precious metal content within the items.

Yes, the machine pays for watches, but only pays for the precious metal content and not the retail price.

Yes, the machine pays for coins, but only for the precious metal content and not the retail price.

No, the machine does not accept gold flakes or dust.

No, the machine only pays for precious metal content.

Every customer has the option to sell their item. If customer accepts the offer they have been notified that all sales are final. In addition, the customer is given multiple times the option to return the item before receiving the cash offer at the end of the transaction. Accepting the cash offer is to be considered the same as forfeiting ownership over the item the customer is selling.