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goldcube intel optane

Lightning Speed Processing

The GoldCube transforms the user experience for customer who wish to pawn and sell their unwanted jewelry for cash. It achieves this in a fast, safe and efficient way. Powered by Intel's powerful 3D XPoint Optane Memory, the GoldCube can weigh, analyse and create offers with a few minutes.

Gold Cube Automated Cash For Silver and Cash

Merritt Square Mall

The GoldCube is located in the Merritt Square Mall and is a premier location for Central Florida. In less than 15 minutes, customers can quickly and safely pawn or sell their gold and silver jewelry, coin, or precious metals for cash at our kiosk.

Gold Cube Market Growth

Market Growth

The U.S and East Asia have showed a steady year-to-year demand for jewelry, bars and coins. As a result the recycling of unwanted jewelry has also shown a steady increase from 2014 to 2016 and is expected to continue to grow.

The Gold Cube SnapShell R2 ID scanner

Powerful features

State-of-the-art ID scanner with AssureTech validation, enables us to capture the user's ID and validate its authenticity by examining the ID for holograms, watermarks used in all 50 states. A Video Teller Agent examines each customer in real-time, through the kiosk,'s built-in webcams and ensures they match the person who is depicted in the government issued ID or Driver's License.